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Belt Drive Record Player

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Pierre Clement A1B


The A1B Record player is part of a very high fidelity system.

The unit is of highly advanced design regarding gramophone record playback. Four inherent drawbacks of the conventional stylus carrying arm have been cancelled or greatly minimized.

Each of these four improvements tends towards perfecting record groove scanning, and the unit has excellent playback features on condition that the rest of the Hi-Fi system is of the same high specifications.

Cancellation of tracking error

The playback stylus follows the same straight line as the one of the stylus cutting the original wax blank. The locus of a conventional swinging pickup arm is an arc.

Cancellation of attraction towards record center

The pickup arm is always perpendicular to the record radius, there can therefore be no side thrust. The conventional pickup arms normally includes rather involved compensating devices often difficult to adjust if not impossible.

In addition, they give rise to still another drawback as the point where the attraction pull towards the center originates is the pickup stylus and to compensate for that force, an equal force would have to be applied on the opposite side of the stylus itself and especially not through the pickup arm as it is usually done, as this generates a tension torque on the pickup which unbalances the cartridge with a resulting increased distortion.

Reduction of pickup arm weight

The very short arm has a low dynamic weight and immediately follows without any strain on the cartridge moving carriage, the motion or shocks received warping, record eccentricity, shaking of complete record player.

Cancellation of swing resistive torque due to modulation output wires

As the arm does not swing, except for the record eccentricity, the modulation wires do not add any strain as for a swinging pickup arm.

The arm free motion and its low dynamic weight arc highly important factors as they partly determine the playback pressure and the balance of the pickups.


Drive method: belt drive

Motor: 250rpm AC synchronous

Speeds: 33 and 45rpm

Rumble: 60dB

Tonearm: tangential tracking

Dimensions: 450 x 405 x 165mm

Weight: 18kg

Cabinet: walnut


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