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Pickering model 190

Pick Up Arm

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pickering model 190 pickup arm
Pickering model 190


Much distortion in playing records can be caused by an inadequate pickup arm, regardless of how good the cartridge. The most common causes of distortion inherent in the operation of conventional arms are poor tracking and excessive record and stylus wear.

These undesirable qualities are a result of improper lateral and vertical moments of inertia and an incorrect relationship between the two. Further, many arms cause tracking error which creates needless distortion.

The Pickering 190 Pickup Arm is designed to overcome the disadvantages of all conventional arms, the shortcomings of which have been severely accentuated by the advent of LP microgroove records.

Extensive investigation by Pickering engineers disclosed that reproducer arms which perform well on 78 RPM phonograph records and standard transcriptions will not necessarily
produce good results on LP microgroove records.

In fact no commercially available arm was found which would meet all of the requirements for this type of service. These conclusions have been verified independently by a number of investigators in the field.


Effective length: 10.75"

Mounting distance: 10.5"

Overhang: 0.25"

Mounting hole: 0.25"


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