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Philips GA 212

Sprung Chassis Belt-Drive Turntable

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electronic speed control

Philips GA 212


The Philips GA212 record player features electronic speed control employing a tacho-generator, photo-electronic off switch, floating suspension of turntable and pick up arm and electronic touch controls for start, speed selection and stop.

The important advantages which result from the electronic speed control are high stability of turntable speed, negligible wow and flutter and accurate speed adjustment.

The slow running high-torque motor, the high quality platter bearing and the precision drive belt ensure exceptionally low rumble transmission.

The high mechanical quality of the GA-212 will ensure that the excellent performance is maintained over a very long period.


Drive method: belt drive

Speed control: electronic

Speeds: 33 and 45rpm

Speed adjustment range: +-3%

Wow and flutter: 0.1%

Rumble: 62dB

Arm friction: 15 mgf

Stylus force: 0.75 to 4g


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service manual  English

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philips 212 222

will a philips 222 dust cover fit a 212 table...?

New belt


Anyone who knows where to bye a new belt for the 212 Electronic.


Where to find a belt

You can find it at

The exact link is:

Just paste it into you browser's address bar.


Reel tapes and vinyl rules

Description of Part Numbers

Do you have a listing of descriptions that goes along with the part numbers in the Philips GA212 Service Manual?



Philips Turntable GA 212

Thank you very much for providing the Owner's and Service Manual for my Philips GA 212 turntable. I have some issues with speed and touch control and these manuals will be very useful/essential in correcting the problems.