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Philips AF 829

2-Speed Automatic Belt-Drive Turntable

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Philips AF 829


service manual  English Francais

service manual (alt scan)  English Francais - huelnhagen

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PHILIPS AF829 Turntable

I am the proud owner of the PHILIPS "High Fidelity Laboratories" High- End series 1978 made by PHILIPS, Fort Worth, USA.
It consists of the AH673 tuner with multipath which makes it possible for the tuner to receive FM- stereo without an antenna in a building with metal roof, the only tuner in the world that can, weighing 12 kg, the AH572 pre- amp: a pre- amp with no distortion what-so- ever, also weighing 12 kilos and the jewel on the crown: the AH578 ( hence my nick) power- amp capable of blasting a full 2x 190Watts at 8 Ohm flawlessly with hardly any distortion at that level! Weighs a ton : more than 40 kilos of genuine High- End power. Up to it's limits it sounds great and although PHILIPS ( Netherlands) forbad PHILIPS USA to spend such an enormous amount of money for research and developement, they sneeky went their own way and it was PHILIPS USA to wipe out all High-End competition no matter what it cost...Well, they succeeded and gave PHILIPS an enormous image- boost. THIS was the real thing!
This series was made in a small edition of 400 sets which were immediately sold out despite their steep price in '78. For Europe the series were made of bright brushed aluminium and seperate series were made for the US, Canada in black and 110Volts instead of 220/230Volts.
Even in 2011, this series is hard to beat and not only shows impressive but sounds like out of this world still!!!
Hooked on the PHILIPS "Lab- set" I have a PHILIPS AF829; one of the best turntables from the eighties with cartridge GP412II. The turntable has the same soft touch steering as the Lab- set with red LED's in them.
The combination is perfect! Although a CD sounds better, don't underestimate the qualities of the AF829/GP412II..... Especially with Direct Metal Mastering records the sound is unbelievable.
If kept well, I don't prefer CD's over LP's or even single records and I don't stand alone in this for the vinyl-business is booming like never before..Even new records are being pressed nowadays for the sound is warmer and less "clean" than the average CD .
Wish you could try this combination once will be astounded by this, now, 33 years old High- End set!
Let the music in!!!!!!!!!!!!!