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Perpetuum-Ebner PE 2015

3-Speed Automatic Record Changer

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Perpetuum-Ebner PE 2015


There are many ways the PE 2015 can be used.

They consist of automatic single play, manual single play in two modes and automatic multiple play.

Cueing in all modes and pause control in all modes is also possible.

In addition, it is possible to interrupt play, reject a record at any time and continuously repeat a record in both single and multiple play.


Type: fully automatic record changer

Motor: SPM 4/15 induction motor

Speeds: 33 and 45rpm

Platter: 269mm, 1.9kg, cast zinc alloy

Speed accuracy: 0.15%

Rumble: 56dB

Tonearm effective length: 208mm

Overhang: 20mm

Dimensions: 330 x 273mm

Weight: 5.5kg


instruction/owners manual  English Deutsch Francais

service manual  English

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PE 2020

bobj I bought a 2020 back in 1967. At the time, it was one of the better TT on the market, although the Dual was my second choice. Thru the years, and many moves, I treated all of my stereo equipment with kid gloves. Unfortunately, one of my kids didn't, even though I had everything mounted on shelves high off the floor, he managed to climb high enough to try to operate it. I imagine that besides twisting the pickup head on the pickup arm about 45 degrees from factory setting, he also probably moved the control lever to various positions with too much force. Now the control lever won't. I've got the pickup head back to about parallel with the base and TT, which may or may not be the correct placement.
I need info on what to look for, and how to correctly adjust, repair or set the under platform monkey motion mechanism. I understand that PE is no longer around, but someone, somewhere must have some info, suggestions. I realize that spare parts are probably next to impossible to find, and that it may be not repairable. I worked for 40 years on aircraft, and repaired lots of small and delicate instruments, motors, valves, etc, plus my hobby is model railroads and they have some very small parts, so I don't think it's above my ability, if I had some drawings, or operation sequence of the cams, levers and etc.
I am new to this type of communication, so I might need some help navigating this site. I also have the operation manual for the 2020 and would be willing to share it for posting in your library, as I do have a scanner that I'm slowly learning how to use with the computer.
Thanks for any help. I could repay you by providing advice on how to repair your aircraft.
Bob J.

P E 2020 adjustments.

Hi Bob J,

Re your adjustment problems for your P E 2020 TT, I suggest you download the owner's manual for the 2015 available on the V-E site in order to compare the similarities.
If you look at the P E parts list, also available for download on V-E, you will see that they may be quite different from each other (pick-up arm) but the underside could be similar...
I just bought on E-Bay a service manual for the 2015/2012/2035 model and it contains all the info, drawings and adjustment procedures for a complete servicing. If both models are comparable, I could upload my service manual to V-E, so you could download it too.
Actually, I intended to upload it but with the scanner I use, it takes a hell of a time to do (20 pages to upload individually...)
By the way, my first choice back in '68 was a Dual 1019 to replace my P E 66 portable TT.
Do keep me informed if you would like me to share my service manual urgently.
I will not fail to call on you when my 747 breaks down!
Best regards,

Hello, Hugh and Bob J, I

Hello, Hugh and Bob J,

I have a PE 2035 from about 1970 that I'd love to put back into service. I haven't seen the owner's manual for years, and I don't think I ever had a schematic for it. I'm downloading now the 2015 manuals from Vinyl Engine (with my verrrry slooow dial-up!), but if you have a service manual or any other information relevant to the 2035 I would dearly love to have a copy! I need to replace or at least re-seat and adjust the cartridge alignment, and also to find and replace whatever capacitors have failed (loud POP through the amplifier when it turns off, loud hum when it's on). Any advice you can offer will be much appreciated! Thank you very much. k24tea

PE 2035

Hi k24tea,

Found a service manual for my PE 2015 on E-Bay recently: it claims it is meant for models 2015, 2012, and also (added by hand on my copy), 2035.
I have uploaded it on this site.
There may be slight differences between the various models (platter weight or material, etc.), but if I were you, I would try and compare.
Actually, I have a variant of the 2015 made by P E for Telefunken, practically identical (platter bearing the PE mark) and I managed to put it back to work with the PE owner and service manuals. The cartridge holder and cell were missing and I fitted a Shure M75C to the existing arm, drilling a hole in the middle and fitting it with a screw: works very well and allows me to play old 45's and 78's with a higher track weight.
Good luck and greets,