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Ortofon S-15T

Stereo Phono Cartridge

Ortofon S-15T


For any transcription turntable, there is one superb cartridge - the S-15T.

This is Ortofon's definitive cartridge that mates with the finest precision tonearms to give magnificent performance.

The matching high impedance transformer has been built right into the cartridge casing.

The S-15T is a rugged, super-sensitive cartridge that has achieved a new milestone in sound recreation.

Acclaimed by leading sound engineers as 'the finest cartridge ever available for home use' and it is made to last a lifetime.

The elliptical shape of the stylus conforms closely to that of the original record cutting head.

15 degree tracking angle matches precisely the angle used to manufacture most new records.

Virtually eliminates pinch effect, inner groove distortion and bottoming distortion.

Made exclusively with prime polished diamonds.

Features printed circuits, ultra-high sensitive compliance, and exclusive record care 'Protecto-Skate' glide.


Frequency response: 15 to 40,000Hz

Impedance: 15k ohms

Stylus pressure: 1 to 2g

Channel separation: 20 to 30dB


There are currently no downloads available for this model. If you have any documentation for the S-15T please consider donating a copy to our free archive.

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