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Ortofon RMG-212

12" Professional Tonearm

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Ortofon RMG-212


The Ortofon RMG-212 is designed for use where highest quality playback is required.

The counter-weight, precision ball bearing gimbal suspension, and base are made of special Swedish alloys with gun barrel blue finish.

The arm tube is made of Duralumin and is separated from the counter-weight by special rubber damping to eliminate resonances.

The counter-weight includes a factory set adjustable sealed stylus pressure gauge, accurately measured from 0 to 7 grams.

The arm features a double bend which provides dynamic balance simultaneously in lateral as well as vertical planes thus eliminating the need for a level turntable.

The unique tone arm design reduces arm resonances to a non-audible 8Hz and provides for a maximum tracking error of 1.19 degrees.

The RMG-212 accepts any cartridge and is adjustable for cartridge overhang.

The arm comes complete with plug-in shielded cables for ease of installation and elimination of ground loops and hum.

The RMG-212T is identical but comes with an armboard pre-drilled to fit the Thorens TD-124 and TD-121


Arm length (overall): 12"

Lateral length: 9 1/8"

Cartridge offset angle: 22.7 degrees

Tracking force: 0 to 7g

Arm resonance: 8Hz


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