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Detailing the Ortofon range of Moving Coil phono cartridges

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Ortofon Moving Coil Pickup Cartridges


The cartridge, via its diamond tip, makes contact with the record surface, and it translates the undulations of the recording grooves into electrical signals which can be amplified and played through a loudspeaker.

It's function is to do this as accurately as possible, without changing the signal, and with minimum wear on the record.

To accomplish this, the diamond stylus has to move at very high speeds with very high forces involved; and yet it has to touch the surface of the disc very gently with pressures
of one to two grams.

The cartridge is truly a precision instrument which, at the very beginning of the high fidelity chain, has a very important influence on the quality of the recorded sound.

There are two principal cartridge types (although some esoteric other principles are available) - the magnetic type which involves moving a magnet or a piece of magnetic material in a magnetic field and the dynamic type in which a coil is moved in a magnetic field.

It is this latter type to which we refer as moving coil which Ortofon is using in these new products.


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