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Ortofon MC20 Supreme

Moving-Coil Cartridge with Van den Hul Nude Stylus

Ortofon MC20 Supreme


Weight: 9g

Stylus type: vdH II nude

Equivalent stylus tip mass: 0.40mg

Frequency response: 20 to 40,000Hz

Output: 0.2mV

Channel separation: >25dB

Channel balance: <1dB

Tracking force: 1.8g (1.6-2.0g)

Tracking angle: 20 degrees

FIM distortion: 0.8%


flyer  English - Terry Robinson

instruction/owners manual  English

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MC 20 Supreme

The data shown in the link above are the one's of the MC 20 Super and NOT the MC 20 Supreme.
However, the datalinked to the picture of the MC 20 Supreme are ok.

MC x0 Super and MC x0 Supreme are different series with quite different sound. I own a MC 10 Super (harmonizing good with SME 3009R Improved arm, while the MC 20 Supreme need a more heavy weight arm like the superb EPA 100 from Technics.


The MC20 Super

It's good to be back on the re-vamped website esp. as its now so much faster! Also good to see a reference to my currently favourite cartridge: - the Ortofon MC20S. I acquired mine a decade or so ago and now use it sparingly. It came along with a Thorens TD125, SME3009/System 2000 plinth. Shure V15-2, AT30HE and AT30E carts. were also included. They all came from the estate of a deceased relative of a friend: the total of equipment I bought is too long to list.

The Ortofon is indeed lovely cartridge but does not suit the low mass SME arm. A good medium mass arm is essential to get the best from it. I've been happily using it in a Pioneer PL112D integrated turntable c.1978 (albeit with some minor improvements) and it performs amazingly well.

As for the Audio Technicas': they're rather nice too - though there's barely 1.5dB difference in output between the E & HE versions (as measured on BBC spec. PPM). In truth; neither are really capable of driving a typical MM phono stage. The V15 performs best with the SME3009, which should come as no surprise at all.


Addendum 15 July 2011

MC20S, AT30E and AT30HE are still in regular use though now with (very) different turntables (I've put the Pioneer to one side for ebay listing). I'm now mainly using a Lenco GL75 with Technics SL1210 arm transplant. There's a lot of work involved but the end result is well worth the effort. Also just recently completed another home build using a Thorens TD110 motor fitted to a solid teak deck, again using an SL1210 arm. Preliminary tests are promising.


Best regards, John W