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The Canadian company Oracle was founded by Marcel Riendeauin in 1979 and successfully marketed a range of high end turntables throughout the 1980's.

The original Oracle company ceased trading in the early 1990's, but Marcel's brother Jacques Riendeau restarted the Oracle brand in 1997 and amongst their new range is included a maintenance kit for their early turntables and a new reference player, the Delphi mkV.


Music. The universal language. The voice of the soul. It moves, inspires, exhilarates. It is best shared. An Oracle Audio system takes you out of your listening room and into the concert hall. It brings the recordings to life. Each nuance, each subtle detail. It gives you music the way it was written, the way it was meant to be heard. When you listen to an Oracle, You are there.


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Oracle Audio Technologies, 6136 Blvd. Bertrand Fabi, suite 101, Rock Forest, Quebec, J1N 2P3, Canada


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