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Nakamichi TX-1000

2-Speed Quartz Controlled Direct-Drive Turntable

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absolute center search system

Nakamichi TX-1000


The Nakamichi TX-1000 Computing Turntable incorporates the revolutionary 'Absolute Centre Search System'.

A microprocessor detects any concentricity error present in the record as it rotates on the platter and automatically compensates for it.

Thereby any off-centre rotation, which can be caused by eccentricity and tolerances of the record spindle hole, is completely eliminated.

This unique system achieves its aim by employing a double platter configuration: A laterally moveable secondary platter is located on top of the main platter.

This centre search platter is adjusted to achieve perfect concentricity of rotation.

When the true centre is established, wow and flutter are reduced to an absolute minimum, and imaging and sound location emerge with unsurpassed clarity.

The information contained in the record grooves is extracted one hundred percent.

The drive motor, insulator feet and other important parts of the turntable have also been designed with Nakamichi's particular philosophy and know how.


Drive system: direct drive

Drive motor: quartz PLL DC brushless, slotless, coreless, super linear torque

Speeds: 33 and 45rpm

Pitch control +-9.9% in 0.1% steps

Centre platter search: 6mm thick, 290mm diameter, 1kg, metallized glass

Main platter: 31,5mm thick, 300mm diameter, 3.8kg, aluminium

Wow and flutter: 0.003%

Signal to noise ratio: better than 78dB

Dimensions: 680 x 208 x 515mm

Weight: 40kg


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