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Mitsubishi Diatone LT-5V

Vertical Linear Tracking Turntable (1980-1984)

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mitsubishi lt-5v linear tracking turntable
Mitsubishi Diatone LT-5V


The Mitsubishi LT-5V is a vertically oriented, two-speed, belt-drive, fully automatic turntable with parallel tracking tonearm.

The turntable is also available with a built in tuner/amplifier.


Drive system: belt drive

Motor: PLL DC servo motor

Platter: 304mm, 1.3kg, aluminium die-cast

Speeds: 33.33 and 45rpm

Wow and flutter: +-0.045% WRMS

Signal to noise ratio: 76dB

Tonearm: straight universal type, static balance

Overall length: 223mm

Effective length: 180mm

Effective mass: 15g

Headshell: GFRP 6.2g

Cartridge: AT-12E dual moving magnet

Stylus: 0.4 x 0.7mil diamond

Tracking force: 1.5g

Output level: 3.5mV

Frequency response: 15 to 26,000Hz

Channel separation: 23dB

Dimensions: 466 x 430 x 200mm

Weight: 12.5kg


If chosen, the Mitsubishi LT-5V should be bought on the basis of its unique format and convenient automation. The sound is acceptable, and improves a little with a firm foundation free of vibration and shock - £199 HiFi Choice 1983


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instruction/owners manual  English

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service manual  English

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How to remove the platter from his axe?

i've tried it several times but i don't get it off.


I have got an LT-5v form my firend. He didn't use it anymore for a decate. I renew the belt an d later on e few lamps. Question. Which pre-amp do i have to use for playing the records.

Instruction Manual

Does anyone have a scan of the instruction manual for this fab turntable?
I just got hold of one on e-bay, in really good nick,but it is missing the manual.
I have downloaded the service manual, and that is some help but I just wanna be sure that I have got it set up ok.
Many thanks if you can help.


Hi... I also just got the same turntable as you from ebay. I'm looking for a user manual. Mine works great (sometimes) but, I need to have the manual to understand it all. It works properly when it wants to. I'm trying to figure out why. Hope yours is working well.

user manual LT-5V

I just bought one with a user manual I will scan this so it can be put on vinylengine


Thank you. I have an original I bought in 1979 to replace another great table the Phillips electronic

User Manual for LT-5V


I bought my LT-5 brand new back in the day. I was young and didn't know to keep the manual after I set it up. Now i wish I had. How can I get a copy of the manual you scanned?

Thanks so much with any help you can give.


Manual LT 5V

djacco, thanks so much this is a blessing!