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Mitchell A Cotter SPT

Stereo Moving-Coil Pickup Transformer

Mitchell A Cotter SPT


The principle purpose of the Mitchell A Cotter SPT is to permit the full realisation of the potential excellence of moving coil pick-ups.

It has such transparency to the signal and such opacity to noise that it seems to disappear, except for the ultimate purity of the signal.

Even three SPT's in series aren't discernible from a single unit.

NOTE: the original Verion Audio MK-1 transformer is electrically identical to the Cotter MK-2, but the latter features improvements in physical construction, including better plugs.


Published specifications:

Type P: for very low impedance, 2-30 ohms (mk1) or 6-30 ohms (mk2) pickups eg Nakamichi, Supex, Ortofon, Entre and GAS

Type PP: for EMT pickups of 20-30 ohms impedance

Type S: for pickups with impedances of 20-100 ohms and greater eg Denon, Satin and Fidelity Research

Type X: for special configurations as required

Type L: for super low impedance pickups of 1-6 ohms (mk2) impedance


The Cotter SPT mk2 transformer begins to approach the aurally perceptible thresholds of textbook perfection; certainly no active device known to us is as quiet or as close to a straight wire in it's sonic character - $425 The Audio Critic vol.1 no.2


mk1 instruction/owners manual  English

mk2 instruction/owners manual  English

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