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Mitchell A Cotter PSC-2

Stereo Phono Signal Conditioner (1977-1982)

Mitchell A Cotter PSC-2


The Phono Signal Conditioner, or PSC-2, is a highly accurate, energy-time correct RIAA equalisation system.

It has a 30.5dB of gain making it eminently useful with the high level stages of fine pre-amplifiers.

This gain is sufficient to provide maximum signal to noise ratio with modern pick-ups.

The choice of 30.5dB of gain was done with great care since it strikes a balance of the maximum gain commensurate with the performance capability of today's most advanced solid state devices.

More gain would threaten the overall dynamic range margin of these devices, and less gain would appear insufficient to the ears of many listeners.

The finest pick-ups, which are of the moving coil type, are capable of enormous dynamic range and high signal to noise ratio.

Furthermore they are able to deliver great energy peaks with virtually no time dispersion - a kind of signal contamination that ruins the sense of clarity and reality in reproduced music.

This unique energy-time capability of the finest pick-ups causes all the older classical RIAA input stages in pre-amplifiers to wheeze and groan in a frantic effort to reproduce the exacting signals provided by these pick-ups.

The PSC-2 takes in stride with consummate ease the most difficult music found in records and the effortless quality that results from this ability is apparent in even the most casual of listening.


There's really nothing else left to say. If you can afford the Cotter NFB-2 preamp, get it. If you can't, at least go and listen to it in a good system. It's an education - $475 The Audio Critic vol.2 no.1


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Mitchell A Cotter Phono Amplifiers

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