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Mitchell A Cotter NFB-2

Stereo Noise Filter/Buffer (1980)

Mitchell A Cotter NFB-2


The Mitchell A Cotter NFB-2 was created to fulfil the needed requirements for bandwidth limiting, while at the same time introducing absolutely no perceivable time dispersion.

Harmful out of band signals are prevented from entering the amplifier so the kind of system stresses described are eliminated.

At the same time, the fabric of the music remains intact with greater focus and realism than could be possible before.

In limiting out of band signals from entering the system, the NFB-2 removes the edginess and harshness from the texture of the reproduced music, as well as a nondescript thumpy quality in the bass.

The overall sound becomes crisp and sharply focussed.

Headroom is improved too as a consequence of not having the useless out of band information contained within the audio signal. The sound system can get louder with less stress.

It should be mentioned that the NFB-2 was not designed to act as an RF suppressor or lightning guard; the triaxial system of cable interconnects uses the outer shield for that purpose.

Rather, the NFB2 is an effective bandpass filter which virtually any system, no matter how good can profit from.


Once again, Mitch Cotter has demonstrated to us where the real priorities are in audio. Needless to say, if pre-amplifiers were designed with a similar output stage, or power amplifiers with a similar input stage, there'd be no further need for the NFB-2. Fat chance - $350 The Audi Critic vol.2 no.1


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