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Mission Mechanic

Stereo Gimbal Bearing Tonearm

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Mission Mechanic


The Mission Mechanic is a heavyweight tonearm design manufactured by GB Tools.

The arm is similar in design and construction to the Mission 774SM and Zeta tonearms which where made by the same company.


Type: direct coupled single billet construction

Bearings: ceramic

Headshell: fixed

Offset angle: 23 degrees 45 minutes

Effective length: 228mm

Mounting distance: 210mm

Overhang: 18mm

Effective mass: 16g

Cartridge weight: 4 to 14g

Friction: 20mg (vertical and horizontal)

Cable capacitance: 45pf

Mounting pillar: 25mm

Mounting cutout: 35mm

Adjustments: height, offset angle, overhang, bias

Net weight: 0.5kg

Finish: black

Cartridge colour code: red (R+), white (L+), green (R-), blue (L-)


A fine piece of engineering which is designed to react to minute forces and produce minimal levels of friction.


instruction/owners manual  English

mounting template (not to scale)  English

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I use it on a Pierre Lurne J4
turntable with a shelter 901
with amazing results.

Mission Mechanic

One of the best, ever, surpassing the Zeta...