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Mission 775

2-Speed Belt-Drive Turntable

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Mission 775


It is common knowledge that all turntables on the market are copies or hybrids of each other; not so the Mission 775!

Three years of research into the associated fundamentals of physics, materials and mechanics have resulted in a unique and revolutionary product we now call the 775.

We rejected the idea of non-suspended designs for their excessive susceptibility to feedback etc

Similarly, Mission decided against spring suspension because it is impossible for such systems to be in equilibrium and have critical Q and frequency of resonance in all six rotational and translational axes of rotation.

The Mission turntable is an elegant solution to a most complex set of engineering problems.

It employs an extremely rigid chassis/plinth configuration made of constrained layer MDF.

Military grade materials and precision engineering have resulted in a most advanced bearing/platter design.

The total system employs our unique Sorbothane polymer.

Sorbothane, with it's uncanny 'human flesh' properties combines springs and shock absorbers in our design and absorbs up to 95% if the imparted energy.

This combined with the 775's optimum aerodynamics, eliminates feedback and accelerations resulting from extraneous vibrational forces, minimising the effect of environmental disturbances such as the floor of airborne vibrations.

The Mission 775 is virtually free of rumble, bearing noise, wow and flutter, and internal resonances.


There are currently no downloads available for this model. If you have any documentation for the 775 please consider donating a copy to our free archive.

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Mission 775

I believe that it is still possible to obtain a copy of the 775 owners
manual direct from Mission. I do have a copy but it won't scan very well!