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Mission 774 (original)

Rigid Low-Mass Stereo Tonearm

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Mission 774 (original)


The original Mission 774 tonearm was designed by John Bicht and incorporated fluid damping and a detachable alloy arm wand.

The arm is designed to direct couple the cartridge assembly to the turntable mass.

This is essential in that if the tonearm suffers free play, it will inevitably set itself in motion independent of record modulations thereby adding to and subtracting from information retrieved by the stylus tip.

The secret of the Mission 774 is its unique rigid bearing design, elimination of conventional 'flapping' headshell and other resonating parts, total structural integrity, low effective mass and minimal pivot friction.

The arm employs silicone viscous damping and three different damping paddles are supplied with the 774 to optimize the performance of different cartridges of varying compliance.


Effective length: 229mm

Effective mass: <5.5g (depending on counterweight)

Friction: <15mg (horizontal and vertical)

Downforce error: <0.2%

Fundamental resonance: 5 to 18Hz (depending on cartridge)

Cartridge mass: 2 to 10g

Connections: 1200mm cable

Armtube / headshell assembly: interchangeable

Hydraulic damping: viscous fluid

Cable capacitance: 125pf (per channel)

Adjustments: height, tilt, overhang and bias

Finish: black

Optional extras: arm tubes and counterweight


Arguably one of the finest low mass tonearms; the Mission 774 is distinguished by its dry and controlled neutrality; upper midband was slightly hard; offered a fine transient performance - £157 HiFi Choice 1983


baseplate assembly  English

carbon fibre arm wand mod  English - ScHenk

instruction/owners manual  English

instruction/owners manual  English Francais Italiano

mounting template  English - Deafinite

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mission 774 with original 774 tonearm

Looking to rewire my Mission 774 and original arm straight through to my preamp. Does anyone have instructions for this?? Trying to elminate the red 4 pin plug. Thanks