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Micro Seiki

Micro Seiki was a high end Japanese turntable manufacturer

Advanced features incorporated into their designs included such refinements as external thread/belt drive motor units, air bearings and vacuum hold down platters.

The company also produced a popular range of both static and dynamically balanced tonearms

Micro Seiki

The Micro Seiki line represents a combination of many years of our research to send you qualified high fidelity components.

The Micro trademark, which symbolizes an elliptic stylus tracing the grooves, is tantamount to the slogan of the company, an integrated manufacturer specializing in the production of turntables that challenge the ultimate in faithful reproduction of the original sound.


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Micro Seiki Co., Ltd., Sekine Kogyo Danchi, 411 Inuma, Hasuda, Saitama Prefecture, 349-0135, Japan.

81 (0)48 766 8061

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