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Micro-Acoustics QDC-1

Electret Transducer Stereo Phono Cartridge

Micro-Acoustics QDC-1


Until the advent of the QDC-1, there really wasn't a cartridge on the market that could make a stereo record sound as good as it's master tape.

Because cartridge manufacturers didn't have to deal with an absolute standard of measurement for their product, they sold their cartridges very much like loudspeakers, using subjective criteria.

In the end, the customer had to choose between the 'sound' of one cartridge or another.

The fact is that a cartridge shouldn't have any sound of it's own; ideally it should just be a direct link between the record groove and the preamp input.

That's precisely what the new QDC-1 is - an ultra precision component that neither adds nor detracts from the music you hear.

And because it does so well, it will change the way all cartridges are judged - now a cartridge's performance can be measured against a completely reliable objective standard.


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