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Micro-Acoustics 282-E

Stereo Phono Cartridge

micro-acoustics 282-e stereo phono cartridge
Micro-Acoustics 282-E


Until now, optimum high-frequency response required an exact match between phono cartridge and preamp (or receiver) input impedance.

In the 282-E, a built-in microcircuit eliminates mismatch problems by automatically controlling output impedance.

This microcircuit also makes the cartridge immune to the effects of cable capacitance, so the 282-E may be used with all types of turntables; even those lacking low capacitance cables.


Stylus: 0.0002 x 0.0007 elliptical diamond

Frequency response: 5Hz to 20kHz

Tracking force: 0.75 to 1.5g

Channel separation: 25dB

Output voltage: 3.5mV

Load: 10-100K ohms

Weight: 5.2g

Price: $89


flyer  English - LaFOOTE

instruction/owners manual  English - Galdino

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