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Marantz SLT-12

2-Speed Turntable with Linear Tracking Tonearm (1963)

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Marantz SLT-12


With the magnificent Marantz SLT-12U disc playback system there is no tracking error, no inner groove distortion, no skating impulse, no deterioration of the elliptical stylus shape and absolutely uniform stereo separation and frequency response, from outermost to innermost grooves.

The turntable will accommodate virtually all existing, current or future phono cartridges weighing up to 10 grams (most current cartridges weigh five grams or less) and up to 3/4" height from the top of the cartridge to the stylus tip.

Installation is non technical and can be performed easily; to make universal cartridge selection possible, the SLT-12U tonearm is equipped with a unique positive balancing device that permits simple balancing for any of the popular designs.

The Marantz SLT-12U is not just a theory in practice - it is a proven product and it creates a truly great experience in musical enjoyment.


Speeds: 33.33 and 45 rpm

Wow and flutter: better than 0.04%

Tracking error: 0 degrees

Skating force: none

Frequency response: 20 to 20,000 Hz

Stylus: Diamond elliptical

Output: 6mV

Drive principle: Precision uscothane belt

Rumble: virtually non-existent

Motor: Hysteresis synchronous

Levelling: Precision bubble level adjustment


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