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Marantz 6270Q

2-Speed Direct-Drive Turntable

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Marantz 6270Q


instruction/owners manual  English - mjsheldrick

service manual  English - mjsheldrick

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6270Q arm lifter adjustment


I have a 6270Q I bought new in 197? It had been stored for years but now I'm about to convert some old vinyl to CD. The hydraulically damped lifting arm drops much too fast. I do not know how to, or if I can, adjust this. Anyone out there having any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


Data Sheet required for the motordrive IC used in this turntable

Having supplied the 2 manuals above to Vinylengine. I am seeking a data sheet for a Seiko motor controller IC used in this turntable. The part number is SM6415-4S. After extensive searches I've been unable to find it. It was probably discontinued back in the early 80's by the Manuafacturers.This IC forms the heart of the quartz locked motor control function for the turntable. With this datasheet it would be much easier for me to reverse engineer a fault I have with the circuit on my unit. It would be greatly appreciated to anyone supplying this information. I will in turn provide all information I find out in resolving the fault I have with this turn table. It should be noted that the above service manual in not very comprehensive so additional information will be useful to others