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Marantz 6100

2-Speed Stereo Turntable

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Marantz 6100


The Marantz model 6100 features an AC synchronous motor belt drive system, a precision tone arm with anti-skating adjustment, hydraulically damped cueing, and low capacity cables suitable for use with CD4.

The rubber mat on the platter is impregnated with anti-static compounds to prevent static electricity build up that can cause dirt particles to be attracted to the record surfaces.


Drive system: belt drive

Motor: AC Synchronous

Tonearm: S-shaped

Effective length: 213mm

Overhang: 11mm

Stylus pressure: 0.5 to 4.0g

Speeds: 33.33 and 45rpm

Rumble: -60dB

Wow and flutter: 0.08%

Platter: 30cm

Platter weight: 0.72kg

Dimensions: 440 x 162 x 335mm

Weight: 6.6kg


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warranty card  English - Fabrokoner

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sluggish automatic lift

When the tone arm rises to reset itself at the end of a side on my 6100, it doesn't rise up as high as it does when I manually lift the lever. On some of my LP's, with even the slightest upward bulge at the center, the needle drags across the last track when the tonearm resets. Does this automatic lever benefit from some kind of lubricant? Is there a way to set how high the tt automatically lifts the tone arm?? I welcome any input!

Belt Drive

Can someone tell me where to procure a new belt drive for my Marantz Model 6100 turntable?

speed problems

My marantz 6100 is having speed fluctuations and is playing slow. I bought it last night in flaweless physical condition and the previous owner said that he had just had this turntable serviced by needle doctor. He also said that the belt is new, which you can tell by looking at it. I took off the platter and couldn't find a problem, but I'm rather new too this stuff so I don't know much about it. Could someone please give me a tip on how to fix it?

the on off switch which is

the on off switch which is controled by tone arm does not work on our marantz 6100. Anyone have any ideas?

Marantz Anti-skating

My Pioneer PL10 just died so I pulled out my wife's Marantz 6100 and set it up per the owner's manual. The anti-skating is too strong so I had to set the anti-skating weight on the pillar that supports the tone arm. Something must be wrong with the TT even thought it works okay without the anti-skating weight. Any ideas what needs fixing?

Bearing Lubrication

I just got one of these that needs rebuilding. Got everything working well except the bearing. The speed seams to slow down and wobble when the bearing oil heats up. Should I be using some sort of grease?


missing anti-skate weight

Hi all,
I just got a 6100 from my neighbor who was getting rid of it. The anti-skate weight is missing. Can anyone who has one put it on their scale and let us all know how much it weighs? It would be greatly appreciated. We could then make a replace ment. Also, my tt has no bottom and no feet. It's not a problem because I have concrete floors, but could anyone give me a brief description of what they look like.

Hi, I also have a 6100 and

Hi, I also have a 6100 and weighed the weight. It looks like it's 4.25 g
Hope this helps.

4.25 too much

Hi dieter312,
4,25 seems a bit high. I've done a search and found others who give 0.8 g as the weight (like the next reply). I used two small nuts to get the 0.8 gs and the needle stayed on track on a blank record. So 0.8 g seems right.

I weighted my original

I weighted my original weight and the result is 0.8g

Anti-skate weight is 0.8g

Thanks harrymudd,
that weight worked. Needle tracked straight on blank record. I used two small hex nuts and some thin sewing thread. Works great!


Hi Dieters312,

Thank you for the info, I was loosing hope.
It's exactly what I needed, thanks for the help!

TT 6100 Bottom

Hi LPS7833,
Here are some pictures of the bottom of mine. follow this picasa link :
About the antiskating weight, as I said in a message here, I've tried a Pro-ject weight and its too heavy. I don't know how much it weights though.
Hope it helps.

Thanks for the pics

Hi elpicho417,
great pictures! They tell me everything I need to know in case I want to make a replacement bottom. I also noticed later that the mechanism for switching the speed from 33 to 45 is missing entirely. I think I'll try to make one of those so I can listen to 45s. If anyone has pics of that it would be helpful. The fun never ends!

marantz 6100 33/45 switch

photos of the 33/45 rpm switch

many greetings, good luck,

Follow-up on speed switch

Hi all,
thanks to Alof 57 I managed to make a replacement for the missing speed switch mechanism on my tt. It's made of wire hanger and smaller gauge iron wire, but hey, it works, now I can play 45s. Next a new belt and some damping fluid for a gentler needle landing.

Speed switch photos

Fantastic pictures! Thanks ever so much. I can definitely make one of these with this great documentation. Thanks again for such a good website bringing together this dedicated community.

6100, antiskating too strong

Hi, I too have found a 6100 but the antiskating weight was missing. I have an extra weight from my Project debut III so I used it and and put it in the inner notch (1.5g) - I have a AT120E cartridge on it- but the antiskating seems to be too strong as when I play a grooveless vinyl, the arm is drawn back towards the armrest. Is the project antiskating weight too heavy? how heavy should it be?
thanks for your help im lost here.

Vinyl Engine

I just want to say that you guys are AWESOME! This is a Fantastic resource and service! I am truly grateful and will continue to recommend this site to all my friends in the audiophile world!! Sparx

Stylus Overhang

Hello! I just picked up a Marantz 6100 turntable that is in just FANTASTIC shape for the age of it. I got a great deal on a Goldring G-1042 cartridge and am now going thru the motions properly installing the cartridge. I might be a dummy on this one but I just cant understand what they are saying in the Marantz instructions to come up with the proper overhang. The picture doesn't tell me enough. Well not enough fro me to understand. Can anyone simplify this for me PLEASE....


The 45rpm adaptor that comes with the deck has a cross marked on it. This is a measurement of the amount the stylus tip should 'overhang' the spindle for standard alignment geometry.

Keeping the cartridge square in the headshell, you need to move the cartridge for and aft in the headshell until the stylus tip can be placed on the cross (when the cross is turned as far away from the tonearm pivot as possible). Once you are happy the overhang is correct, nip up the cartridge mounting bolts and double check.



Thanks, all I need to do now is find an original 45rpm adapter for a 6100. There is one on ebay but it has a dot to line up with not an X. It also says it will go with several Marantz models. Hate to pay $40 and not be the right thingy!


I have an extra Marantz adapter Kentster. I'm not sure what you mean by an x. This one has an arrow and a small plus sign. If you still need one let me know.

Marantz 6100 Manual!

Many thanks for putting this manual online. I recently acquired a nice example. Paid only $5 for it. Nice performing machine. Enjoy it.

I too have just bought one

I too have just bought one of these tables and would like to know how to set the anti-skate.

Marantz 6100

I have bought a Marantz 6100 last weekend for 40euro and it came with an instruction manual. I've uploaded it today and will probably be online this week.

Marantz 6100

Thanks so much for uploading this manual. It has come in very handy.

Adjust the Antiskating Device

This TT has an antiskating device that seams to be the same as the one from Lenco L85.
Still I can't find out in which of the notches I've to hang on the little weight.
Can anybody help me?
Has anyone of you got a manuell of this turntable?
THANKS for your answer and help!!!

Anti-skating adjustment

According to the Manual, the anti-skating force can be adjusted by placing the loop in the end of the monofilament line around one of the notches in the anti-skate lever. The values for the notches are:
the inside notch is 1.5g, the second is 2.0g, the third is 2.5g, the fourth is 3.0g, the fifth is 3.5g, and the outside notch is 4.0g. Set the anti-skating force to the same value as the tracking force.
Hope this is helpful.

Antiskating weight adjustment

Hi, I too have found a 6100 but the antiskating weight was missing. I have an extra weight from my Project debut III so I used it and and put it in the inner notch (1.5g) - I have a AT120E cartridge on it- but the antiskating seems to be too strong as when I play a grooveless vinyl, the arm is drawn back towards the armrest. Is the project weight too heavy? how heavy should it be?
thanks for your help.

Anti-skating adjustment

Hallo Rascal
I want to thank you very much for your answer.
The details you’ve wrote were exactly the information I’ve needed!
Maybe you can put a scanned copy of your manual on this page.
I’m sure that a lot of people will be also thankful to you!