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Magnepan Unitrac 1

UnDamped Radial Uni-Pivot Tonearm

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Magnepan Unitrac 1


The Magnepan Unitrac 1 arm tube is a rigid, large-bore, thin-walled carbon fibre tube, which is attached to the massive counterweight through a heavy steel breechblock.

The heavy block which extends front and back of the pivot axis adds very little to the inertia of the arm and improves stability of the arm dramatically.

The Unitrac 1 approaches the ideal arm of zero inertia below audibility and infinite at and above audibility.

The system inertia is very low for following record warps and yet rigidity is high resulting in reduced aptitude of system resonance.

The cartridge is held firmly in place so that all of the subtle detail and definition of the music is retained.


Overall arm length: 290mm

Effective length: 241.3mm

Offset: 22.8 degrees

Overhang: 17.145mm

Effective mass: 8g

Resonant frequency: 5 to 12Hz

Bearing friction: less than 5mg

Internal/headshell wiring: Litz

Headshell: carbon fibre


Irrespective of price, the Unitrac performs the task of a tonearm better than anything we have heard. Qualifying it's performance by cost considerations shows nothing comes close - $295 Audio Alternatives 1980


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