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Luxman PD 277

Automatic Direct-Drive Player System (1976-1980)

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Luxman PD 277


The Luxman PD-277 is a two-speed, automatic direct-drive turntable using a brushless and slotless DC servo motor direct drive system.

For the tonearm, a straight type is adopted to eliminate resonance caused by a lack of solidity which tends to be found in tonearms exclusively designed for high-compliance type cartridges.

The most salient feature of the PD-277 is the automatic function; unlike conventional automatic players, pure electronic tonearm operation with an exclusive motor for the tonearm provides quite smooth operation of the tonearm without sacrificing it's inherent quality.


Drive system: direct drive

Motor: DC servo brushless and slotless

Platter: 300mm, 1.8kg, aluminium die-cast

Rotation: 33 and 45rpm

Pitch control: +-4%

Signal to noise ratio: better than 60dB

Wow and flutter: no more than 0.03% WRMS

Tonearm: straight arm of static balance type

Effective length: 240mm

Overhang: 15mm

Cartridge weight: 4 to 11g

Cartridge height: 16 to 19mm (by use of spacers)

Stylus pressure: 0 to 3g

Accessories: anti-skate adjustment, tonearm elevation

Dimensions: 472 x 152 x 348mm

Weight: 10kg


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PD 277

I'm currently using one of these as my main TT. I have it set up with an Audio Technica OC9ML/II and AT660T/OCC transformer. My auto features still work, but I don't use them. The rig sounds ok as is, but I might be looking for a TT that has a lower noise figure. That's pretty much my only complaint with this. I have it set up on a shelf on a custom isolation deck made from 1/4 in steel plate and 4 conical feet on precision-ground locators. This helped a bit, but not to the level that I had hoped. Any ideas?

luxman pd-277

Hi,i am new to all this,just picked myself up a luxman PD-277 turntable that needs a bit of work,like a very cloudy dust cover that i am trying to clean up,also anti skate is in bits but all seems to be there...It well only play if you operate it manuly...It has a stanton 500al mk2 sound really great....was hoping if someone here had any info on getting these things to operate do i set it up to start by pushing the start button and setting it all up so the tone arm returns when the record has been it is now you have to manuly lift the arm on and off the record........thanks...hope someone can help............................wayne.d


Hi.the problem I have found with this thing setting the tone arm down in the wrong place was a little rubber stoppa on the end of a arm that moves the tone arm into place was worn away to what I have done is get under the bonnet of my car and cut and use a piece of vacuum hose and reset the clearance that is in the manual and it works a treat...hope this is some help to all you people out there that own a luxman pd277

luxman pd-277

You should be happy, the tone arm does not return. This way you can listen to the hidden messages you can sometimes find in the runout groove of some LPs (Beatles a.s.o.) pitamsit

tone arm return

Hi after many hours of mucking around with this turntable I have managed to get the tone arm to return with most Lps but not all,it seems to do what it thinks best, so I now put up with it....I have herd those messages you mention and cant understand what the hell they are saying so would rather the tone arm returned as it should...I have a heap of beatles Lps so one day I mite try and listen to what Lennon was trying to say,maybe he new what was coming to get him.......

luxman PD-277

Wayne, I am the original owner of this turntable. I love it! Mine has, over the years, stopped being an automatic turntable like yours. I also couldn't adjust the speed enough to be strobo accurate on 33 1/3 RPM LP's. I recently got fed up and took the thing apart. I sprayed contact cleaner where I could. I adjusted a pot that controls the range of speed adjustment for 33 1/3, (it actually says 33 on the board). I manually turned the worm gear, (while plugged in), that controls the tonearm mechanism, and it started to turn. It must have been stuck from years of only playing CD's. LOL. I hope this might help you. It's a great turntable! Sincerely, asacam

Anti Skate Plastic Fixation Point @ Tonearm

Is there someway to restore / refabricate the plastic piece that the anti skate string affixes to the tonearm?


anti skate

Hi fred...2009 sep 21st,hope you have that sorted by now...anyway when I got my luxman the anti skate was all broken..the pin that the sliding weight fits on was broken in half right at the base, so what I did was found a drill bit the same size as the pin,drilled a new hole right next to it and glued the old pin in there and it all is now working great....the base is plastic,the rest is steel, but with some care and time it can all be repaired......


One of the most interesting direct drive decks on the market. Cheap price and easy to repair (for professionals only, just ask).