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Linn LP 12 Sondek

Belt Driven Turntable

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with sprung subchassis and A/C synchronous motor

Linn LP 12 Sondek


Linn's top of the range Turntable, steadily improved since its introduction in 1973.

Basik - simple phase-shift power supply 33.3rpm only

Valhalla - quartz oscillator power supply 33.3rpm only

Lingo - high precision, direct-coupled power supply 33.3/45rpm

Nirvana - improved suspension and material quality

Trampolin - suspended baseboard

Cirkus - improved bearing and subchassis

Keel - one piece aluminium subchassis and armboard


The LP12 was found to excel in its ability to retain the timing, tempo and rhythm and pitch of complex percussive sections; a mild upper bass richness with marginally 'loud' and forward midband; not the best as regards isolation or acoustic breakthrough; pre-eminent ranking in its price category - £374 HiFi Choice 1983

When fed clear, stable 50Hz, the LP12 motor generates less vibration and mains harmonic components, attaining a near perfect pulley speed stability over both the long and sort term - Valhalla LP12 £408 HiFi Choice 1984

The classic reference is transformed (at a price) by the Lingo but character remains the same - not as detailed or neutral as the best - £1168 HiFi Choice 1992


instruction/owners manual  English

1973 wiring diagram  English

1973 instruction/owners manual  English

disassembly instructions  English

set up guide [58 pages - revised Jan 1998]  English

set up guide [20 pages - illustrated]  English

brochure  English

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Linn Sondek LP12

What I won't to know is how much oil to put in the spindle base and what would the best oil to use.