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Linn Basik

Belt-Drive Turntable

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Linn Basik


The entry level Linn Basik is made to the highest engineering standards and brings a new level of performance to turntables in it's price range.

Features unsprung plinth. Fitted with either the Basik LVX or Akito mkI Tonearm.


Type: manual record player

Drive method: belt drive

Motor: AC synchronous

Speeds: 33.33 and 45rpm


Allows music to communicate itself with expressiveness and authority. What more can one ask - WHF

A competent performer which did everything you could expect from a turntable in this price range. While Linn would probably admit that a suspended sub-chassis is preferable, it's engineers have done well in developing the Basik - £259 (fitted with Akito) HFN 1990

Strong midband analysis and imagery, clean if sharp treble is matched to a good if occasionally wooden bass. Good at the price, and requires no complex setting up or fine tuning in service - £250 HiFI Choice 1992


instruction/owners manual  English

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Schematic Diagram

Does anybody have a schematic diagram of Linn Basik circuit board...I am having problems with the power supply.

Need to check the values of the components.