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Linn Basik LVX

Japanese Built Stereo Tonearm

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Linn Basik LVX


The LVX is the forerunner to the popular Akito tonearm.

The original arm features a straight arm tube with detachable headshell and calibrated tracking force and bias controls.

The updated LVX Plus has a fixed headshell for greater rigidity and reduced electrical connections, improved bearing housing and more rigidly coupled counterweight.


Effective mass: 10g

Tracking force: 0 to 3g

Cartridge weight: 2 to 10g

Effective length: 229mm

Overhang: 18mm

Mounting distance: 211mm

Lateral friction: <50mg

Horizontal friction: <50mg


In my opinion the LVX has remained the best sounding arm at this price available - £75 LVX The Flat Response

The overall tonal balance was very satisfactory, and as a whole the stereo image was well defined with both depth and ambience - £85 LVX Plus (including Basik cartridge) HiFI Choice 1983

No doubt that this arm is a bargain at the price, offering a level of performance that many £200 arms cannot match. Best with moving magnet cartridges - £85 LVX Plus The Flat Response 1984


flyer  Francais

mounting template/protractor  English

Plus flyer  Francais

Plus mounting template/protractor  English

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