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Automatic Stop

I am having a little difficulty with my L78 in that I cannot get the auto stop working again! I think I must have upset the mechanics on the underside but without having a working L78 to compare it with, I can't see what is awry. If anyone can help out, I would appreciate it very much.


APCO/Lenco L-85: variable speed does not work

My L-85 actuallly comes as a "APCO L85" which ist a kind of OEM-brand.

It has a nag in that the variable speed does not work, i.e. the motor is not running. So I have to let it run at the not very accurate speed of the mains frequence.

Now with the help of the by "vinyl engine" published maintenance manual (thank you guys) I found that switching between variable and fix speed can destroy the power transistor of the motor final amplifier.
The manual describes (in German) that Transistor T13 is affected. For increased reliability there must be two anti-serial Z-diodes (10...15V each) connected in parallel with the motor capacitor.

Have fun repairing :-)