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Leak Turntable


It is important that the turntable in your High Fidelity system should be specifically designed to complement in performance and appearance the other components in your system.

To this end we worked with one of Switzerland's foremost turntable specialists to create the Leak Turntable.

It is a dynamically balanced turntable which weighs over half a stone, eliminating the distortions that occur in lighter turntables due to internal vibrations.

The chromium plated pick-up arm is so sensitive that it can be affected by the infinitesimally centrifugal force it creates as it moves towards the centre of the record.

We compensate for this with a bias compensator utilising a minute counterbalance supported on nylon thread.

The turntable also has a viscously damped pick-up cueing device.

In spite of this precision the Leak turntable is, like all the finest machines, simple to operate and maintain.

The speed of the turntable is infinitely variable between 30 and 86rpm.


Platter: 4kg dynamically balanced turntable

Motor: 4-pole constant velocity motor with conical rotor spindle

Speed: infinitely variable between 30 and 86 rpm

Wow and flutter: 0.06%

Rumble: 60dB

Variation of speed: 0.3%

Pick-up Arm: knife-edge bearings and counter balanced weight

Stylus pressure: 0.5 to 5g

Overhang: 17mm

Offset angle: 23° 12 minutes

Dimensions: 166 x 400 x 371mm

Weight: 8.5kg

Finish: Teak


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