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Kyocera PL-910

2-Speed Belt-Drive Turntable

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Kyocera PL-910


The PL-910 is not only top of the Kyocera turntable line, it will stand in audio history as one of the finest turntables ever built.

It incorporates the most up to date technology and materials to accomplish the age old goal of all turntable designers: rotational stability and resonance free performance.

Consideration has been given to every last detail in the manufacture of this masterpiece, down to the actual construction materials themselves.

The platter, for example, has been manufactured of fine ceramics, to be precise alumina ceramics, proven to possess hardness qualities close to those of diamond, and vibration attenuating characteristics far superior to conventional materials such as ordinary aluminium.

This fine ceramic platter is placed in full planar contact with an aluminium subplatter of a different resonance frequency, thereby dramatically reducing unwanted resonances.

Although the PL-910 is equipped with a heavily damped, powerful DC servo brushless motor, the actual drive is via a belt to remove any last possible doubt concerning rotational stability.


Type: belt drive, double float suspension

Revolutions per minute: 33 and 45

Platter: 3.6kg, 300mm, almina ceramic

Subplatter: 1.4kg, 260mm, aluminium

Wow and flutter: 0.025% WRMS

Signal to noise ratio: 78dB

Dimensions: 455 x 190 x 392mm

Weight: 20kg


flyer  English

instruction/owners manual  English - narkleptic

service manual  English - Brian Beck

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