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Kiseki MCT-3

OFC Wired Moving-Coil Transformer

Kiseki MCT-3


The MCT-3 design is totally the same as the MCT-1S Improved, except that instead of pure silver wire now OFC (oxide free copper) wire is used and input impedance is 40 ohms only.

Technical specifications did not change and the OFC wire makes the best of sound reproduction available at a lower price.

For use with high-quality electrostatic and moving-coil systems, we strongly recommend the silver wired versions, in case you want the second best (but very, very close at fairly low cost) we recommend this OFC wired transformer.

Also available as the MCT-2 (5.3 ohms) and the MCT-4 (100 ohms)


Housing: tube out of aluminium/magnesium alloy

Colour: tube blue anodised, front gold anodised

Contacts: 4 gold plated cinch chassis parts

Input impedance: 40 ohms

Output impedance: 4000 ohms

Load resistance: 47K ohms

Frequency response: 10 to 200,000 Hz

Maximum input: 100mV

Distortion: 0.0003%

Crosstalk: better than 70db

Coil windings: OFC (oxide free copper)

Weight: approx 500g


There are currently no downloads available for this model. If you have any documentation for the MCT-3 please consider donating a copy to our free archive.

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