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Distributed from the Netherlands, Kiseki cartridges and transformers were designed and manufactured by the Audiophile Products company under the direction of Mr Goro Fokadu.


The first remarkable product from the hands of Mr Fokadu was the silver wired moving-coil transformer MCT-1 for low-impedance moving-coil cartridges.

Using the best winding machine (invented and modified by Mr Fokadu himself) was a necessity to make this superb product.

Further in time, Mr Fokadu modified his unique winding lathe to wind coils for moving-coil cartridges.

Unfortunately for a number of interested manufacturers Mr Fokadu decided not to sell this winding lathe to them as he preferred to manufacture his own cartridges.

Soon the Kiseki Blue was born, a new reference for the most exacting audiophiles all over the world.


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