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Kenwood KD-5070

2-Speed Fully-Automatic Direct-Drive Turntable

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Kenwood KD-5070


The 20-pole, 30 slot brushless DC motor turns at precise servo-controlled speeds for outstanding performance in terms of rumble, wow and flutter.

Variable speed control permits precision speed settings using power-line frequency as the reference, but can be varied by +-3% for music pitch-matching.

The stroboscope indicates precise speed setting.

Manual or fully automatic action of the tonearm allows positioning and lifting automatically at the start and end of records.

There is automatic shut-off at end of play and manual override.

The precision tone arm is of the static balance type with anti-skate correction and a plug-in EIA headshell.

The cueing lever is viscous damped and raises and lowers the arm for gentle pause operations.

A massive ARCB (anti resonance compression base) is used to house the motor unit.

This is moulded from limestone particles, glass powders and unsaturated resin to provide the ideal base structure.


Drive system: direct drive

Motor: 20-pole, 30-slot brushless DC servo motor

Platter: 1.50kg, 316mm, aluminium alloy

Speeds: 33 and 45rpm

Pitch control: +-3%

Wow and flutter: less than 0.025% WRMS

Rumble: -73dB weighted

Tonearm: static balance type

Effective length: 225mm

Overhang: 15mm

Stylus pressure: 0 to 3g

Usable cartridge weight: 3 to 10g

Dimensions: 480 x 156 x 367mm

Weight: 11.5kg


instruction/owners manual  English

service manual  English - cgutz

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