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Kenwood KD-2070

Direct Drive Turntable

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kenwood kd-2070 direct drive turntable
Kenwood KD-2070


Audio enthusiasts throughout the world have been quick to recognize the direct-drive turntable system as a quieter and more reliable method of reproducing the music contained in phonograph records.

In a direct drive turntable system, there are no belts or idler wheels. In fact, no speed-reducing "step-down" mechanisms of any kind are used, since the motor rotates at exactly the required slow speed of 33/13 or 45rpm.

Kenwood's KD-2070 direct drive turntable system incorporates a new, 20-pole brushless DC motor which is coupled directly to a heavier turntable platter. This combination results in a high moment of inertia and provides smoother, quieter rotational speed—a primary requirement for the reproduction of high quality sound from records.

The music you recover from records is as good as that produced during the original recording session, with no extraneous noise added. Now, Kenwood's engineers have created a direct drive system, with its recognized advantages, in a moderately priced complete turntable system.

Consider the low rumble specification of the KD-2070. This specification provides a direct indication of the effects of vibration associated with the turntable's drive motor and, in the case of the KD-2070, it is a low 65dB (using the DIN "B" measurement method).

That means that any residual low-pitched background noise which might be heard during the playing of soft musical passages and which might "muddy" reproduced sound has been reduced to such a degree that music reproduced using the KD-2070 is heard distinctly and with complete clarity.

In the design of the KD-2070, Kenwood engineers have succeeded in reducing two common forms of rotation irregularity known as wow and flutter. They have incorporated a motor with a greater number of poles and have coupled it to a heavier turntable platter. The new motor's 20-pole design increases accuracy of rotation, while the heavier aluminium die-cast platter provides a higher inertia.

In this way, the uneven torque created by electronic switching (an inherent feature of all direct drive systems) is absorbed by a higher moment of inertia. It is this 20-pole motor design and the higher moment of inertia provided by the properly matched turntable platter that combines to deliver a new standard in "wow and flutter" specifications - a mere 0.04% (WRMS).

The tonearm design used in the KD-2070 is fully as impressive as the turntable and drive system. The high precision statically balanced tonearm used in the KD-2070 is so perfectly balanced that it sets a new high in tonearm performance.

Undesirable "shimmy" and torsional types of resonance can deteriorate reproduced sound quality during record reproduction. These problems, inherent even in some of the best designed tonearms, have been eliminated in the KD-2070 tonearm.

Basic design improvements such as a totally die-cast arm support and proper geometric layout which lowers tracking error and establishes the centre of gravity of the arm so that it is closer to the rotational axis have been incorporated. The results: lower distortion and lower crosstalk between stereo channels.


Drive method: direct drive

Motor: 20-pole, 30-slot DC servo

Platter: 310mm, 1.1kg aluminium alloy diecast

Speeds: 33 and 45rpm

Wow and flutter: 0.04% wrms

Rumble: 65dB

Tonearm: static balance type, S-shaped pipe arm

Effective length: 225mm

Overhang: 15mm

Usable cartridge weight range: 4 to 10g

Dimensions: 468 x 147 x 365mm

Weight: 7.0kg


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