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Kenwood KD-2055

2-Speed Automatic Belt-Drive Turntable

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Kenwood KD-2055


The Kenwood KD-2055 is a 2 speed, belt drive turntable featuring auto-in, cut, return and repeat mechanism, manual operation, disc size selector, pause elevation, anti-skating, pilot lamp and low capacity audio cord with PIN plug.


Drive: belt-drive system

Motor: 4-pole synchronous

Platter: 30cm aluminium alloy die-cast

Speeds: 33.33 and 45rpm

Wow and flutter: less than 0.06% WRMS

Signal to noise ratio: more than 50dB

Tonearm: static balance type, s-shaped pipe arm, eia plug-in connector

Effective length: 215mm

Overhang: 9.5mm

Stylus pressure range: 0 to 3g

Usable cartridge range: 4 to 13g

Dimensions: 480 x 363 x 146mm

Weight: 11.7kg


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service manual  English

specifications  English

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Kenwood KD 2055 Turntable speed

Is there a speed adjustment screw that will slow down the platter slightly? The new belt seems too tight, can I stretch out the belt? There must be a motor speed adjustment calibration screw?

Auto return doesn't work

Any common problems that I should be aware of for why my auto return doesn't work?

Sources for new belt?

My turntable's belt has broken. Anyone know of good sources to purchase a new one that will fit the KD-2055?

Kenwood KD-2055 Belt source or simply use the search engine to find MCM electronics. The MCM part number is 42-650. Very popular size. Or order # FRX 23.6 can be used for one, and this would be a PRB brand.

Needle Doctor has the PRB line as well.

PRB specifies the FRX 23.6, which measures 23.3" inside circumference, .210" cross section, and .030" wall thickness.

Turntable Speed

My Kenwood KD 2055 speed is too fast.

Mine is too fast also. any

Mine is too fast also. any idea how to fix it?

Belt drive speed too fast

Believe it or not, the type and fit of the belt you are using can cause a speed problem. Try a different belt. A good belt should just fit tight enough around the platter drive wheel to stay in place even with a good shake...but no tighter

phono stage

Usually there are 2 plugs (one red, one white) on the end of the cable coming from the turntable? There may also be a ground wire with these.

You need to plug the phono plugs into the turntable input of your amp and connect the ground wire to the ground post next to the turntable input.

If you only have line level 'aux' inputs you will need to buy an external phono stage to boost the output of the cartridge and equalise the signal. Do a search for 'turntable phono preamp' on google for more info.