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Classic Uni-Pivot Tonearm

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Keith Monks Laboratory


The Keith Monks laboratory pickup arm has been designed to realise as fully as possible the tracking capabilities of recent, low-mass, ultra-high compliant elliptical stylus cartridges.

A sophisticated uni-pivot, employing a micro-ball race, damped at record level to control torsional resonance, provides unmeasurable friction in any plane.

Lead out wires with their associated torque and friction are completely abolished by the use of small arcurate mercury baths.

An extremely low-mass arm with it's counterweight close to the fulcrum gives a low moment of inertia and avoids tracking difficulties arising from arm mass/stylus compliance low frequency resonance. Delicate cantilevers cannot be damaged by over-flexing.

A novel form of absolutely friction-free magnetic bias correction, an integral part of the pivot assembly, is applied without disturbing the delicate unipivot balance.

The arm uses mercury contacts in the signal path


Cartridge acceptance: 4 to 6g with tracking force in excess of 1.5g

Arm length: 9" from stylus to pivot

Rear overhang: 2.5"

Height adjustment: 1.25 to 2.5"

Tracking error: 0.58%

Bias: inbuilt magnetic anti-skating

Effective mass: 9g

Wiring system: 4 wire coded to BS 192B:1965

Lead capacitance: core to screen 80pf

Lead termination: phono plugs


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