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4 Channel Ready Manual Turntable (1972)

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The JVC VL-8 is a top-performing, precision, 2-channel turntable designed for tomorrows world of 4-channel stereo.

The key to its professional standard is its built in DC brushless servo motor, destined for a longer and more useful life.

Wow and flutter is reduced to less than 0.05% in the VL-8, and its signal to noise ratio is better than 60dB

The unit's outer rotor motor provides for fine adjustment of revolution speed through a built-in stroboscope.

Further qualifying this precision model for the future of 4-channel stereo is a universal tonearm that is statically balanced for stable tracking at light stylus pressure, plus an anti-skating device.

All that's required to convert it to a discrete 4-channel stereo capability while retaining 2-channel compatibility is the JVC 4MD-10X phono cartridge and the 4DD-10 demodulator.


Type: 4 channel ready manual turntable

Motor: DC brushless servo motor

Speeds: 33 and 45rpm

Platter: 12" diameter aluminium die-cast

Drive system: belt drive

Tonearm: stable balancing tubular arm, adjustable in height with oil-damped cueing control

Pitch control: +-2.5% variable

S/N ratio: better than 60dB

Wow and flutter: 0.05% WRMS

Stroboscope: high brightness illuminated strobo system


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