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Quartz-Locked Fully-Automatic Turntable (1980)

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A top model from the JVC range, the QLY5F incorporates this company's version of the electronic tonearm using linear force motors.

Any vibrating system utilizing mass and compliance has a resonance point. Therefore, the same applies to the tonearm used in a turntable.

Tonearms now sold on the market possess a resonance frequency at around 5-10Hz. This resonance frequency has a great effect on the reproduction of middle and low frequency ranges.

In addition, warped and/or off-center records, and/or the external vibrations of it make the tonearm vibrate, thus resulting in a modulation of the sound groove signals when the sound groove is being reproduced.

The electro-dynamic servo tonearm employed on the JVC QL-Y5F has been developed to solve these problems.

The vibration speed of the tonearm is electrically detected and damped by the operation of the servo loop.


Motor: coreless, DC type, FG servomotor

Drive system: direct drive

Speeds: 33 and 45rpm

Wow and flutter: 0.025% WRMS

Signal to noise ratio: more than 78dB

Platter: 310mm

Tonearm: Dynamic balance electronic servo controlled

Effective length: 245mm

Overhang: 15mm

Weight range: 14.5 to 24g (inc headshell)

Headshell weight: 11g

Height range: 42 to 48mm


The QL-Y5F motor gave a fine set of results - state of the art in fact - and the high torque provided a rapid start up. The arm was geometrically well aligned, and unusually for an automatic it offered variable height and headshell tilt as well - £220 HiFi Choice 1984


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Looking for parts

I am so glad I stumbled upon this site and joined. LOTS of information! The one thing I was hoping to find was a dealer somewhere that can STILL get replacement parts for the JVC QLY-5F, I tried every link on this site as well as links from the links etc. but still have not found anyone. I have tried emailing JVC 3 times and have never gotten a reply and that is really disturbing. I hope sometime in the future someone will find a parts supplier and post it here...maybe even me because I am not going to give up on my turntable.
Thanks again for all of the wonderful information!!


I am looking to purchase a dust cover for a vintage QL-Y5F can anyone be of any help. Thanks,Dave

Great Find!

I was just given a QL-Y5F by my father-in-law and I am super stoked to get it set up. Thanks for making these manuals available. This will make the set-up process A LOT easier!

Thanks for posting all the

Thanks for posting all the documents here. This was a great turntable, and its a great surprise to finally get my hands on the manuals, they were lost during one of my home moves.

I first saw this turntable in the stereo shop. It was sitting atop this huge floor standing speaker playing the song Tom Sawyer by Rush. The song was really blasting, and those big bass notes did not affect the turntable a bit. Needless to say it was impressive enough for me to shell out $400 for it.

JVC QLY5F turntable

Hello, I've just discovered your website and was so grateful to find the manual to the vintage JVC QLY5F turntable. I can't thank you enough for posting manuals on line helping enthusiasts across the world to keep vinyl alive and well. All the best, and thx again!

jvc QL-Y5F

thanks so much for the manual....huge huge help....was wondering if you get back to me....coz i think something wrong with the stylus (needle) because it keeps on sliding of or sometimes when it lands on the index it wont go and start playing.....can i use other needles aside from jvc's?????

thanks a bunch

appreciate it

JVC BOI.....


Hi there,
I was starting to think I was the only person who owned one of these babies! Well back to your question. A series of options, you can replace the stylus (the part with the needle on) or replace the Cartridge. Depending on how you like the sound of the deck, I tend to replace the cartridge and then from there onwards, just replace the stylus.


Hi there,

Appreciate the quick response. The turntable we both have are bad ass!!!! anyway, thanks also for the suggestion...I was wondering if the cartridge or stylus from other brands would be a good fit???

or can i possibly buy a needle over the counter and make it work??? and lastly, with what you suggested, is it going to cost me????? ;P

thanks again....


Hi Again, As you've got to

Hi Again,
As you've got to this stage in the website, I recomend you read the manual and do a FULL set up (from scratch) on the arm. Make sure the stylus is clean and make sure the tunrntable is on a flat, level surface (we're talking spirit level stuff here). This should cost you nothing but your own time. Give the deck another run and see what happens. If the cartridge is still sliding all over the place, first of all make sure your record is in good shape, add a fraction more weight (not too much though). If it's still not playing ball, I would suggest you get a new stylus. If your not sure what cartridge and stylus you have, for ease, I would suggest you remove the headshell (with the cartridge and stylus attached) and taking it to your nearest hifi store (I do not mean currys, dixons or walmart!). They should be able to tell you what cartridge you have and sell you the correct replacement. Depending on what cartridge you have got in there it could be anything from £5 up to £5,000. Sure it won't be the latter, but basically be prepared.
Put the headshell back on and and re-correct the weight. See what happens. If it plays, but the stylus starts in the wrong position for example, this can be adjusted, just download the service manual. If it's still skidding around or doing other obscure things or you're at all unsure, message me back letting me know the current state of play and I'll see if I can guide you with my limited knowledge.
Good luck