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Quartz-Locked Fully-Automatic Turntable

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jvc ql-f4 direct drive turntable


The QL-F4 has the best of both turntable worlds: platter rotational accuracy and full automatic operational ease. The combined use of a core-less motor, a direct-drive mechanism and the renowned JVC Quartz technology is the secret behind it's performance, and its low wow/flutter of 0.025% wrms.

The QL-F4 features a Quartz servo system which incorporates a precision Quartz oscillator, super servo frequency generator and responsive servo circuit. Its major highlight is the core-less direct-drive motor; this doesn't "cog" and thus assures absolutely smooth and accurate revolution, and leads to low wow/flutter.

The turntable offers the convenience of fully automatic operation. Among its unusually versatile functions are:

(1) Auto-repeat offering from 1 to 6 plays at the twist of a rotary control, with the 'R' setting offering infinite replays

(2) Auto-lead in which raises the tonearm, moves it over the edge of the record, and gently lowers it to the lead-in groove to start playing

(3) Auto-return which sets the tonearm automatically to its rest when a play is completed, then shuts the power off. As a bonus, the moment you move the tonearm manually, the QL-F4 can be operated as if originally designed for manual operation.

Other features include: new gimbal support, one-row strobe, oil-damped cueing, anti-skate control and a low-resonance cabinet.


Type: Fully automatic

Drive method: direct drive

Speed control: quartz locked

Speeds: 33 and 45rpm

Wow and flutter: 0.025% WRMS


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