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Semi-Automatic Belt-Drive Turntable (1976-1977)

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jvc jl-a20 semi auto turntable
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The JVC JL-A20 is a 2-speed, belt-driven, semi-auto turntable system with integral tonearm.


Drive method: belt drive

Motor: 4-pole synchronous

Wow and flutter: 0.06%

Rumble: 63dB

Tonearm: statically balanced, s-shaped, tubular pipe arm with TH balancing system and tracking force dial


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just purchased thjis online

yet the turntable isnt turning. i know i have power because i get sound with the needle. blahhh

Removing Platter

I Had the same problem, they are just a really tight fit, there are no screws holding it on just pull it up harder, it will just pop off


i need to know how to change the belt
on my jvc turntable

Belt replacement

Remove platter cover then turn platter till window is over brass pully see the belt speed control guide be carefull.
lift belt up and over drive pulley and out of guide. once its clear of both lift platter straight up.

lifting off platter

The belt on my turntable is broken and i cant seem to get the platter off, can you please tell me how, I tried following your previous post but i just cant lift it off. thank you.

Is there an adjustment for

Is there an adjustment for the tone arm return? Currently it does not return properly, but rather falls between the tone arm rest and the platter.

tone arm return

check the rubber bumper on the arm lever (inside) it rots and becomes sticky. replace it

JL A-20

i have sound problems. there is very low, sound output. no ground plug on it. dont know if there was one at all. the stylus i'm using picks up very bright tone. i have to turn down the treble on my eq. does anyone know answers to this problem?

JL A-20 low sound issue

you gotta have a phono input on your receiver or a amplifier to amplify the signal. typical problem on many of todays receivers. gottra find an old skool one with phono input


I have the same problem. It used to sound fine, but now the sound is tinny and the stylus doesn't track very well.

Is this player any good?

I happened across one in my parents basement a while ago, I've been cleaning it up and I've found a belt for it, is it worth the time? Everything on it is stock, no replacements and it's just been sitting collecting dust for at least 20 years (probably more). Insight and comments appreciated, PM me if you have info.

User guide JVC Turntable JL-A20

How about translate to english?

i agree!

i agree!

I have the same concern. I

I have the same concern. I can't find one anywhere.