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Jelco SA-750D

Static-Balance Type S-Shaped Tonearm

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Jelco SA-750D


The SA-750D is Jelco's top of the range tonearm.

The arm shares many of the design features of the Sumiko MMT/FT series, Koetsu and Audioquest PT arms which where built by Jelco.

Oil damping system and removable headshell.


Effective length: 229mm

Overhang: 15mm

Offset angle: 22 degrees

Mounting distance: 214mm

Mounting pattern: Linn

Vertical friction: 20mg

Lateral friction: 20mg

Cartridge weight range: 4 to 12g

Arm height adjustment: 38 to 60mm


Jelco may be best known for budget OEM arms, but the silky smooth SA-750D shows they can mix it in the higher echelons with ease - HiFi World 2009


instruction/owners manual  English - SkyLounger

mounting template  English

specifications  English

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Skating adjustment

For me with a Benz Ace SL and 2.0 gm VTF, a skating adjustment set on 1 works well. Skating adjustments have a large effect on the sound stage of this excellent tonearm.

Damping Oil Addition

I would suggest starting with no damping oil. Listen, then add a very small amount at a time. Too much and the sound stage closes in.

Mass effective

I asked the news of the effective mass Jelco arm SA 750-D, the answer:

Dear Bisogno,

Thank you for your inquiry for SA-750D tonearm.
Effective mass is 20gr.
Damping oil is 500cps silicone oil.

Best regards.

Haruo Uchida/sales manager.