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Japan Piezo PU-402

Light Alloy Pivoted Tonearm

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sold under various names including the Syntec S-220

Japan Piezo PU-402


The PU-402 is so designed with the consideration on easy manipulations and practicality, at the same time care being taken not to spoil the maximum tracing ability.

A light alloy headshell and pipe arm are used to ensure overall light weight and proper balance of the arm and stylus position.

The lateral balance is finely adjustable to cope with the situation when used with different weight cartridges.

The removable headshell is of the international standard 4-pin plug.

Any cartridges conforming to EIS or JIS standards are attachable to this tonearm, The Japan Piezo model Y-940 is recommended.

A precision miniature ball bearing is employed to enable the arm to function smoothly even in minute pressure for the rotary function; the weight of the arm is greatly enhanced due to this design.

The stylus pressure is adjustable from 4 to 14g by moving the main weight back and forth.

Arm height is adjustable from 40 to 60mm


Overall length: 310mm

Effective length: 220mm

Overhang: 15mm

Offset angle: 22 degrees

Lateral balance: yes

Stylus pressure: direct reading main weight

Range of cartridge weight: 4 to 14g


instruction/owners manual  English

mounting template (not to scale)  English - cosette91

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