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Ikeda 9TS

Moving-Coil Phono Cartridge

Ikeda 9TS


The Ikeda 9TS was developed as an entry model with an easy handling and high output by maintaining the superior reproduction and acoustic abilities inherited by the Ikeda 9 series cartridges.

The stylus chip is shaped with an oval design which has been employed on the traditional Ikeda cartridges successively produced, and the cantilever is made of double layered duralumin pipe.

In addition, the body and magnetic yolk etc that are very important components and keystones relating to the sound quality are made with the same architecture as the upper class Ikeda cartridges have.

The Ikeda 9TS will be able to reproduce the powerful analogue-like sound filled with energy by keeping a nice balance ranging from the low to the high frequency.

The Ikeda 9TS is nicely fabricated and produced by spending a plenty of time for the precise adjustment in order to bring out the pure sound and performance engraved in a vinyl disk, but hidden in the specifications, in addition to filling various conditions required for phono cartridges as a playback tool.


Type: moving coil

Output voltage: 0.35mV

Coil impedance: 6 ohms

Stylus force: 2g (1.8 to 2.2g)

Frequency response: 10Hz to 45kHz

Channel separation: 27dB

Channel balance: 1dB

Stylus tip: oval shaped solid diamond

Cantilever: double layered duralumin pipe

Weight: 10g


specifications  English - Dr Pan K

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