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Helius Orion


One time top of the range Helius Tonearm featuring a massive bearing assembly milled from an aluminium block.

The major contribution made by the Orion is its unique bearing layout. It is neither a gimbal or a unipivot, but something in-between.

A unipivot offers a point free from reaction, therefore is capable of transmitting energy over a bandwidth up to 500Hz. It is a unique point that suffers no vibration at all.

To take advantage of this we drew a theoretical neutral axis between the dynamic centre of the cantilever in the cartridge, and the central in the place of the unipivot.

To provide the necessary torsional restraint, three other bearings are provided, the principal two, locating the vertical movement of the arm likewise passing through central bearing.

The last bearing is decoupled from the main assembly since rigid coupling would create a non linearity of energy path length.


Effective length: 252mm

Mounting distance: 236mm

Overhang: 16mm

Cartridge weight: 4-20g


The bass was particularly good, showing depth, weight, evenness and good articulation. The midband was neutral as well as transparent, matching the unexaggerated musical treble register - £425 HiFi Choice 1984


flyer  English

instruction/owners manual  English

mounting template (not to scale)  English

mk2 mounting template  English - rockdove

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