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Harman Kardon T45

2-Speed Auto-Lift Turntable

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Harman Kardon T45


The T45 is distinguished by its emphasis on acoustic isolation.

A solid wood base, featuring 1 1/4" particle board, assures the elimination of unwanted vibration. Coupled with spring-isolated, foam-damped feet, the fundamental suspension resonance is an impressively low 4.5Hz.

A 2.2 pound massive platter further enhances sonic quality. An optically-sensed auto-lift tonearm is embodied in the turntable, eliminating the return mechanism entirely and, thereby, minimizing unwanted tonearrn and cartridge vibration.

The high-loss (vibration absorbant) platter mat, made of a special high-density rubber, helps prevent vibration from travelling from the platter to the disc. A disc stabilizer holds the record firmly against the platter mat and further reduces record movement.

Capacitance trim is included to optimize cartridge performance. And, removable phono cables on the T45 are gold-tipped to provide excellent conductivity and low signal loss. The tonearm base houses minimum friction microrace bearings.

The T45 from Harman Kardon, exemplifying high technology excellence.


Type: semi automatic record player

Drive method: belt drive

Speeds: 33 and 45rpm

Rumble: 68dB

Wow and flutter: 0.04%

Dimensions: 440 x 145 x 375mm

Weight: 7.0kg


C service supplement  English

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instruction/owners manual  English

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service manual  English

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