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Harman Kardon ST6

2-Speed Belt-Drive Turntable

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straight line tracking tonearm

Harman Kardon ST6


The ST-6 Turntable is a precision machine that has been carefully assembled and adjusted to give the highest standard of disc reproduction.

Designers have always understood that there was need for a playback arm that would permit its "pivot" to move parallel to the cartridge and stylus. Such an arm would move, or "track" in a straight line, and therefore exactly follow the path of the master cutting lathe head.

Further, a straight line tracking arm with its moving pivot would need to be only slightly longer than half the diameter of the disc. Since a straight line arm can be short, its mass can be far less than that of a conventional pivoted tone arm.

Also, the shorter length permits the use of lighter materials without loss of rigidity. No longer does the music enthusiast have to accept compromise contrivances such as anti-skating controls, odd-shaped tone-arms and tracking error mechanisms.

Tracking error is reduced to zero. External forces acting on the stylus are in complete balance. Skating force is zero, and thus there is no need for any anti-skating device

The end result is that the ST-6 plays music in a way that makes conventional pivoted arm systems obsolete.


Drive method: precision ground belt

Speeds: 33 and 45rpm

Motor: synchronous ac

Platter Weight: 1.1 kg

Rumble: 57dB

Wow and Flutter: 0.13%

Tonearm: linear tracking

Dimensions: 157 x 419 x 413 mm

Weight: 9.1 kg


instruction/owners manual  English

service manual  English

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