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Hacker Gondolier GP42

TransPortable Record Reproducer (1966-1969)

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hacker gondolier gp42 portable record reproducer
hacker gondolier gp42 record changer
Hacker Gondolier GP42


The Hacker model Gondolier GP42 is a transportable, AC mains operated record reproducer primarily designed for high quality reproduction of all modern gramophone records.

It has a number of features of particular appeal to the gramophone enthusiasts, and the power output is exceptionally high.


Power output: vastly superior distortion-less seven watts

Speakers: Goodmans 10 x 6" wide range, 15 ohm coil

Tone controls: bass and treble

Record player: latest Garrard 2025TC record changer with auto manual switch and cueing and pause control, or SP25S single player

Controls: illuminated

Phono cartridge: Cosmocord Acos GP96-1 stereo pickup

Stylus: GP96-1 LP/Stereo Sapphire (0.005-0.006"), Mono Sapphire (0.007-0.008")


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