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Grace G-960

Japanese Made Uni-Pivot Oil-Damped Tonearm

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Grace G-960


The Grace G960 uni-pivot tonearm has a special wiring and harness arrangement to allow free movement and smooth action.

The balancing of the arm is done by turning the counterweight in steps of 0.1g with one complete turn of the counterweight equal to 3g.

Cartridges varying in total weight from 3 up to 17 grams can be perfectly adjusted, and when heavier cartridges are used, an optional add-on ring weight is available.

A new robust light weight headshell specially designed on the G-900 series and designated HS-5 is used on the G960.

The headshell features a lock system and gold contacts for noise free connection.

For reproduction of CD-4 stereo records, a newly developed low capacity shielded cord (PC-4) is supplied with the arm.

The use of this new cord will enhance reproduction of other types of records as well.

Accessories supplied with the G-960: arm, counterweight, AD-2 arm director, HS-5 headshell, arm rest, turning base, PC-4 cord, silicon oil, oil filter, template, mounting instructions, ring weight


Overall length: 371mm

Effective length: 285mm

Arc of movement: 135 degrees

Stylus overhang: 15mm

Stylus pressure adjustment: 0.1g calibrations

Suitable cartridge weight: 3 to 17g (14 to 42g with ring weight)


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